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St Oswald’s Farnham

Parish Meeting Agenda




Farnham is a Neighbourhood Watch Area
Your local voluntary organiser is: Alan Edmond
He can be contacted by 'phone on 01423 340436

What is Neighbourhood Watch?
A way of developing close links within the community and with the Police, Local Authority and other organisations. The main aim is to help reduce crime and the fear of crime by:

Why do we need Neighbourhood Watch?
Home Office figures show a decline in reported crime, however, there is still a lot of work to be done in reducing crime and just as importantly in reducing the fear of crime. Police numbers are growing slowly, but they cannot combat crime on their own. People feel less fearful of crime if there is a good community spirit. Criminals feel uncomfortable committing crime in such areas as they are more likely to be noticed, reported and caught. By helping the Police you are helping yourself and the community in which you live.


  1. Dwelling burglaries in this area could be cut by over 40% if doors were kept locked. Lock all your doors when you are at home, in the garden, watching TV etc.
  2. All keys, house and car, should be kept safe and out of sight, not in the back door or on the hall table.
  3. Watch for those Transit Vans stealing patio stone!  

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