A North Yorkshire

St Oswald’s Farnham

Parish Meeting Agenda


2020/21 ACCOUNTS

Opening balances                                         5020

Annual precept                                            1700

Other receipts –

Grass cutting grants                    

NYCC                                82

HBC                                  nil

Interest                              8

                                    ----                         90   

Payments –

Insurance                         433

Grass cutting                     740     

YCLA                                 59

INCA website                      68

Church clock service             nil                    (1300)

Total balances and reserves at 31.3.21             5510

Sum of current and deposit accounts –

Bank Current Account         4381

National Savings Account    1129                     5510


1) Acceptance of Internal Auditor’s Report

The Meeting’s new internal auditor, Jonathan Wilkinson, has carried his out

internal audit review in advance of the Meeting this year, as is recommended

best practice and he has confirmed that everything is in order and he has no

queries. The Meeting is asked to consider and accept this audit report.

2) Approval of Annual Governance Statement

The Meeting is required to consider the review of the system of internal

control and approve the Annual Governance Statement before it approves

the Accounting Statements.The key risks and systems adopted to manage

them are unaltered from last year. The procedures for awarding contracts

/incurring major items of expenditure remain unchanged. There have been no

changes in the circumstances or in the nature of the Parish expenditure.

Formal approval of these procedures and of the Annual Governance Statement

is required before agenda item 3 of the Meeting.

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