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St Oswald’s Farnham

Lessons and Carols at St. Oswald’s 2018

.3) Rushy Hill Farm, Sandy Bank – demolition of house and erection of replacement house, garage and stables.
As noted in Matters Arising, the Parish objected to the other application, the erection of 5 houses to the west of Main Street. This application has now been withdrawn.
There have been 2 planning enforcement complaints, at Fox House and Throstle Nest Farm, which are still under investigation.
Joe Harben our local YW engineer attended the meeting and our sincere thanks were passed on to him.
Greg Proctor of Old Cottage had asked that anyone other than him suffering low water supply pressure should contact him &/or YW (Neal Kendall).
Malcolm Staveley reminded the meeting of the excessive surface water (SW) in the foul sewer which has been a cause of serous overflowing & flooding of dilute sewage into gardens and houses. YW have completed their survey of SW connections and Joe reported that they believe the SW comes from the >80% of the village properties disposing of SW via the foul sewer. YW cannot change these historic connections so a solution is still to be found.
In answer to queries Joe confirmed that, if anyone believes they are being charged for SW disposal but they use soakaways, they should contact YW for investigation and possible refunds.
Joe confirmed that if anyone wants to collect some of their SW for garden use, YW can supply water butts although this is unlikely to prevent flooding.
Malcolm reminded the meeting re Highway drainage that following observations that the gulleys were overflowing even after clearing, some excellent detective work by James Clapham, of NYCC revealed 2 YW blockages of highway drains. A sump as a temporary solution was put in place at Ted’s Field entrance. This was found by NYCC to be silting up and after requests YW contractors cleared it. Joe agreed to put a regular check on this on YW schedule of checks which includes 3 monthly pumping of the foul sewer. He said the date for the proposed permanent solution of bypassing the blockage by a lowered connection to a point further W along Farnham Hall wall is unknown and the risk assessment means it is low on capital priorities.
A query as to the schedule for gulley emptying was made and it seems the transfer from HBC to NYCC has meant a less frequent and irregular service. If blocked gulleys are found they should reported by e mail to NYCC area6.boroughbridge@northyorks.gov.uk (Brian Milburn & Malcolm have found this produces results). Cllr Zoe Metcalf agreed to investigate and advise us of the schedule.
Malcolm thanked YW for objecting to the planning proposal to overplant the main SW sewer in Ted’s Field SW main sewer in Ted’s field. The ownership of this vital sewer is disputed between YW and NYCC and Joe said it will be with YW legal team . It is likely that it is on YW asset list because it once was used by HBC for the now removed foul sewer overflow as well as highways drains but now serves only the latter. Anthony Turner pointed out that the removal of the blockages meant that SW was now re-appearing in the ditch at the rear of his property and asked who was responsible for maintaining it. Joe said it is not a YW asset and is likely by riparian rights to be the landowner’s responsibility.
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